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I haven’t posted in a while…thought it would be fun to show you some of the stages in my painting process.  I chose to use a watercolor painting I did in my art class with Ruth Bailey.  The title of the work is “Wedding Treasures”.  It’s a still life painting of our wedding sand bottle and cake topper (seahorses), along with a couple of seashells.


The first picture is simply the set up of the objects to be painted; as you can see, I ended up painting it from a different angle.  I wasn’t super concerned about exact proportions for this one and used the set up more as a guide rather than attempting to realistically copy it.  My focus was on the colors and mood as well as working on painting glass.

Next, you can see me at work in the beginning painting stages; I had already sketched it in pencil.


The third picture is the painting before the background and tablecloth were added, and before much shadowing had been done.


Finally, the last picture shows the completed painting, matted and framed, hanging on our bedroom wall next to one of my earlier watercolors called, “Seahorse Romance”.


I really love this piece as it has sentimental value to me and has some of my favorite colors in it, especially the aqua blue!