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As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I’m a breast cancer survivor, I’ve decided to celebrate being five years cancer free since my diagnosis in October, 2008.  And because I realized I had a passion for painting during therapeutic art sessions that helped me through my treatment, I thought it made sense to celebrate by having an art reception featuring the very art work that helped me to heal, sooooo

I’m having an art reception on Friday, October 11th from 7-9pm at Wellsview Cottage in West Annapolis (510 Pafel Road, Annapolis, MD), complete with food and live music!  Come check out my art work while enjoying some light refreshments and amazing music performed live by MAJI’!  All of my work, both originals and prints, will be available for sale, just in time for some early holiday shopping!  Also, I have a special running through the end of October;  for all art purchases between $100 and $200, I’m offering a 60-minute Reiki session with me for $40 (regular price, $60 for 60 minute session) and for all art purchases over $200, I’m offering a 60-minute Reiki session with me for just $20!  So take advantage of this offer and let me help you get a fresh, relaxing start to the holiday season!

$10 suggested love offering to cover the costs of food and entertainment.

Here’s a peak at one of my latest watercolor paintings:


"Jar of Flowers" Watercolor

“Jar of Flowers”

Read below to learn more about MAJI’:

Live Organic Music Experience for Tuning Mind and Body

MAJI’ creates hypnotic sound-scapes with timeless appeal, while honoring the diverse spirits and wisdom of the ancestors. This innovative world music fusion features a harmonious unique blend of multi-cultural instruments. Presenting winds and ‘rhythms from around the world’ including Native American Flutes, Hang Drums, Tibetan Singing Bowls & Bells, with African, Middle Eastern and Native American Drums.

Listeners describe MAJI’ Music as:

                     “simultaneously relaxing and energizing”

                     “mind body music massage”

                     “calming and centering”

                     “music to breathe by”

Gary Hardnett: Gary (Shen-Mu~Lightning Spirit) was introduced to the healing power of music after being struck by lightning. Hardnett believes his ‘sorma‘ (secret medicine) for success has been integrating kindness, compassion, and truth as keys to life. His “musical massages” & “singing bowl refreshments” have inspired others to shape and share more of the balanced and harmonious Light that is flowing through us.

Gary’s Native American Flute playing has been featured on multiple musician’s CD’s and his Hang Drum’s deep, resonant, vibrating tones anchor the harmony of MAJI’s music. He is founding member of Maji’ and Earth Music Effects’~ EME’- Yoruban for “Divine Breath”. CD’s ‘Floating Om’ and new CD ‘Divine Breath’, show the musical versatility of the Hang Drum, Didgeridoo & Native American Flute’s melodic soothing voice.

A martial artist, bronze sculptor, motivational speaker and musician who also practices Tai Chi,Qi Gong, and meditation with his beautiful wife, Sylvia. They share a wonder-filled life togetheron the South River, in their Annapolis dream home he designed and built.