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I have mentioned Annapolis Wellness House as one of the wonderful nonprofit organizations that helped me when I was on my healing journey after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  It has become a safe haven for me and so many others touched by cancer.  I continue to participate in therapeutic art here as both a participant and volunteer facilitator as well as benefit from the multitude of other offerings such as Reiki, massage, healing music, restorative yoga, support groups, counseling, and special workshops, all free of charge, along with an array of delightful social events.

I want to also mention two other amazing organizations that offered assistance to me during this most difficult time in my life.  Critters For The Cure is a local nonprofit organization that helps women with breast and other gynecological cancers in a variety of ways.  I was given financial assistance for medical bills, career coaching, and emotional support from this awesome charity and have stayed connected by volunteering in various ways.  They also offer transportation to treatment, rent assistance, funds for vet bills, dog walking services, and a host of other things that a particular patient may need; truly a unique charity that’s worth checking out.

I also received assistance from the United Breast Cancer Foundation in the form of a grant that enabled me to receive complementary care such as acupuncture, massage, reflexology and more at a local wellness center, all free of charge for an entire year.  They also payed my health insurance premium for four months.  These are just a couple of the many ways this organization reaches out to women with breast cancer and I have continued my relationship with this wonderful charity as well.

The assistance and support I have received from these organizations has been life changing and I have made lifelong friends through all three charities.  I am truly in awe when I ponder the goodness in so many fellow travelers on this journey of life. ~Namaste