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Just for fun, I thought I’d share a few pictures of my latest commissioned piece in different stages.  I painted this per request from a childhood friend that I’ve known since third grade.  She wanted a female blue crab painting that was similar to my male blue crab painting.  To distinguish between the genders from a top view would be quite simple; the females have orange tips on their claws and the males do not.  She also asked that I use acrylic paint like I used for the male crab painting.  I typically paint with watercolors and hadn’t cracked open my acrylics in about two years!  Lastly, she wanted the crab either on a boardwalk or on sand surrounded by shells.  Beyond this, I could be creative and do my thing.  Here’s what I came up with…

(Click on images for full-sized view)

In this first image, I had painted only the crab.  To the left are photos I used to help me capture a more realistic portrayal of the crab, which was another request from my friend.  In the upper left corner of the image is a print of my male blue crab painting, to which I also referred.



Here’s a closer view of the crab before I added the background and shadows.  Look carefully and you’ll see that I had already sketched in some shells, sea glass, shadows, and the water’s edge.


Here’s how it looked once I added the background and shadows.  I chose to place the crab on sand near the water, portraying her in a natural environment, unlike the food catch portrayed in my male crab painting.  As my friend wanted, I included shells, and threw in some sea glass too!


“Female Blue Crab” Acrylic Original SOLD/Commissioned

Finally, after discussing matting and framing options with my friend, she decided on a blue inner mat surrounded by white, then framed in green to accentuate the green in the crab.


I love the final result, and so does my friend!  What do YOU think???

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