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I’ve gone on some new creative ventures and want to share them with you!  I’m currently taking watercolor classes from Jane Halliwell Green and recently we had a class on negative painting.  I absolutely love it and am excited to create new pieces using this method!  The picture below of the letter “K” with vines and leaves was my first attempt at this lovely art form.  I’m working on a similar piece with seahorses and seaweed and will post it when I’m finished.  I find negative painting to have such beautiful, colorful and mystical results and can’t wait to experiment more with this newly learned painting style!

Recently in therapeutic art at Annapolis Wellness House, we learned how to dye silk scarves.  I enjoyed it so much that I ordered supplies to make 10 more and stayed up until 5:00 a.m. a few days before my recent art reception, creating colorful designs!  I’ve already sold half of them and am ordering supplies to make more.  The process of dying the scarves proved to be extremely therapeutic for me.  I had so much fun that I was humming and singing as I worked in to the early morning hours!  I love that it’s a mystery just how each one will turn out since the colors bleed and blend together somewhat randomly.  It reminds me of making tie dyed t-shirts as a child.  My knowledge in color mixing certainly helps me to avoid putting together colors that, when blended, will create “mud”, since there’s no way to totally control the mixing.  After I completed each one, I was excited to see the nuances created in color and design.  There was something freeing about the whole process and I’m looking forward to dying more silk scarves!  Below you can view the ones I’ve done so far.



My first attempt at negative painting


Silk scarf creations


Silk scarf creations


Some of my art work and silk scarves at art reception


Closeup of the scarves left after art reception