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Welcome to my gallery page! Click on the image for a larger view of the entire painting and for information such as title and medium. For available originals, size and price are listed. Giclee prints are available for most images in 5×7, 8×11, 11×15, and larger. Please contact me via email or phone to purchase art and for more information such as print pricing.

Disclaimer when viewing art work online

*Disclaimer:  Images shown are digital reproductions of original work.  Some color variations between originals and reproductions are inevitable as it's not possible to create an exact duplicate of an original painting.  Every effort is made to edit images to create a reproduction that is close to the original color and tone.  Originals have a much higher value because they are truly one of a kind.  If you purchase an original painting or print without viewing it in person beforehand, please expect some variation in appearance, not only because images shown are reproductions, but also because images look different from one screen to another.


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Assorted Miscellaneous Works

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Beach and Water Scenes

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Cottages and Such

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Water Life

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Wool Felted Works


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