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Greetings!  I am so incredibly excited that my new website is up and running!  My web guy did an amazing job putting it all together.  We’re still working out one glitch; when you try to scroll through my art work pictures on the gallery page using “next” or “previous”, it doesn’t go in the proper order.  Hopefully this will be smoothed out soon, but for now you have to click on each individual picture to view a larger image.  I’m very pleased with my new site so far and I hope you’ll agree.  It’s a work in progress, so please check back!  If you are interested in seeing and/or purchasing any of my art work, or interested in Reiki and possibly scheduling an appointment, please contact me.  Also, please share my website with anyone you know who may be interested.  Peace to you on this fine day. ~Kim

“ARE YOU INDIGO?  Indigo children are often described as having some or all of the following traits: sensitive, intuitive, artistic, resist authority, feel impatient with the status quo, highly intelligent, very opinionated, feel like they don’t fit in.” ~ Patricia Hawse

Wow, I think I might be Indigo…that would explain sooo much!!!  Glad to realize I’m not alone, that there are others who feel similar to me, although at times I think I might be just a little crazy!  (Did I say a little?)  New revelation:  I’m really okay just the way I am…enough said!  Now, off to paint with watercolors… ~ Kim Lavinder