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Visual Art

Warm greetings from Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay area!  I would like to share a bit about myself and offer you a glimpse in to my ever unfolding life as an artist.  I have been a creative spirit since I can remember.  In fact, we are all creators in our own special ways.  For me, the tendency to engage in art related activities began at a very young age.  I was quite content to spend time alone drawing, coloring, writing poetry and stories (in my own handmade books), designing houses and floor plans, and doing anything crafty with whatever materials I could find around the house or yard.  I was mesmerized by brightly colored flowers and butterflies.  For someone so young, I had an unusual fascination with home decor, and the interior space and architecture of old homes (long before I knew what “architecture” meant).  A trip to a gorgeous, historic home with lovely gardens was like heaven to me; especially one overflowing with blooming, deep blue hydrangeas in a quaint, coastal town (some things never change)!  I was a daydreamer and could get lost in my imagination for hours at a time.

All of this observing, imagining and creating was both play and therapy for me.  As the years have gone by, creative expression has been instrumental in helping me navigate through the ups and downs of life.  With a natural eye for color, I have found that working and playing with all the beautiful shades of the spectrum breathes life, peace, and joy in to my very soul.  I recall being told by my interior design teacher in college that if I didn’t pursue an artistic career, I would be wasting my talent.  To that, I say, better late than never!

I graduated from the University of Maryland, Magna Cum Laude, with a Bachelor of General Studies degree, worked as an office manager for a couple of years, and then made the choice to stay home and raise my two beautiful children and sweet dogs.  I found ways to express myself artistically, whether it was through home decorating, arts and crafts with my children, poetry writing, dance and choreography, flower gardening, cake decorating, planning festive parties and events, or via countless other creative outlets.

It was many years after my design teacher’s advice that my life path changed unexpectedly, and thus began an amazing journey to pursue my love of color and the arts professionally.  The initial spark occurred when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at a relatively young age and began participating in therapeutic art sessions at Annapolis Wellness House.  In all my artistic pursuits through the years, painting was something I never really seriously attempted.  But I found myself in this place with all the supplies at my fingertips, and this is when I first discovered joy in painting, especially in working with watercolors.  The painting process brought incredible emotional and spiritual healing to me during this difficult time in my life, which in turn aided in my physical healing.  I could paint to express emotions, produce something pretty; whatever I wanted.  The more I painted, the better I became, and before long, others saw something in my art work.  I eventually began to sell pieces here and there, which was deeply touching and encouraged me to continue developing my skills.

Besides learning on my own through books and videos, I also take classes and workshops.  I have studied watercolor painting with a few artists in the Annapolis, Maryland area; Ruth Bailey, Jane Halliwell Green, and Sue Corrigan-Yo.  I have also studied oil impressionism and figure drawing in charcoal with John Ebersberger, another Annapolis area artist.

When the mood strikes me, I enjoy painting colorful pictures reminiscent of the beach, coastal towns, flowers, and sunny days.  The inspiration comes from anything that I find beautiful or that simply brings me a sense of happiness.  These cheerful images have been described as charming and carefree.  At other times, something from deep within emerges and guides me through a painting, and I sense a spiritual presence manifesting through my art work.  I paint from my heart and soul, and am grateful to share my work with you.

I am a member of the Muddy Creek Artists Guild and the Annapolis Watercolor Club, both in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.  I have volunteered as a facilitator for Therapeutic Art at Annapolis Wellness House.  I display and sell my work in various locations and have produced commissioned pieces.

Healing Art

I have maintained an interest in holistic health for many years, but began practicing more seriously after my breast cancer diagnosis.  I utilized many complementary treatments during my journey to heal including exercise, nutrition, acupuncture, massage, reflexology, yoga, meditation and Reiki.  I benefited tremendously from all of these and felt particularly drawn to the soothing, relaxing, spiritual nature of Reiki.  My interest in this grew and I have since accomplished three levels of Reiki training in the Usui tradition, becoming a Reiki Master practitioner.  At this time I am not offering these services, although I do infuse positive energy in to my art work and surroundings, allowing me to indirectly share this beautiful, ancient healing art with you.

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