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It isn’t every day that an artist finishes a painting and sells it within two hours of completion, but that is exactly what happened to me a few weeks ago.  I had been working on a watercolor painting of poppies (which I ended up naming it…simple and to the point!) and was making the final touches one morning. Once I felt it was to my liking, I left it on the table to dry, and once dry, I signed it and walked away.  I was expecting a friend for lunch that same day.  Soon after she arrived, she noticed the “Poppies” painting, still out on my dining table (for now, my dining area couples as an art studio!).  She said that if I wanted to sell it, she would buy it.  I told her it was for sale, and voila…sold with barely enough time for the paint to dry!

We had lunch and afterward went straight to the frame shop where my friend picked out matting colors and a frame.  She chose a pale pink for the outside mat color which blended with the pinks in the painting and also matched her bedroom where she would be hanging the piece.  The soft gray inner mat was a nice choice to pull from the grays in the pitcher.  The frame she chose was delicately decorative, a color between silver and gold, with distress markings for a shabby chic look.  Below is a picture of the finished product.  It looks so pretty!  My friend did a great job choosing the matting and frame!

Now today, just a few weeks after selling the original, I sold a small print of this same piece!  If you’re interested in a print of this or any of my other paintings, contact me by phone or email to discuss pricing, sizes ,etc.  My originals are for sale as well, unless otherwise noted.  Again, please contact me for pricing and more information.  You will find images of my work on the gallery page.


“Poppies” watercolor. Sold within two hours of completion!!!