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Recently I was delighted to hear encouraging words from two of my customers.  One was a Reiki client, the other was the purchaser/winner of a watercolor painting I donated for a charity fundraising event.  I know that many of us pour our hearts in to our work and businesses.  I do for sure, because that’s just how I am and always have been with most everything I do, including volunteer work, parenting, school work, even planning parties and family events.  Maybe it’s the perfectionism in me, but I can’t help it; I really care about doing my best in whatever it is that I’m involved in, and I maintain this attitude and work ethic whether others recognize it or not.  But let’s face it; when others appreciate us and offer compliments, it just plain feels good!  It’s that extra boost of encouragement that makes us smile inside and out; that reminder or confirmation that we’re following our calling, and that what’s more, we’re actually good at what we do!

On that note, I want to share a couple of recent situations in which two different people offered heart warming compliments to me.  The first came from Corinna, a woman who contacted me one morning because she was having some issues.  She asked if I could see her that day for a Reiki appointment.  I had a very full day ahead of me but I sensed that she was really in need, so I set up an appointment with her for that evening.  The day after the Reiki session, she contacted me via email and wrote this:

Hi Kim,

Thank you again for yesterday. I feel so much better today! What a tremendous difference it made..I will be back. You work wonders, dear friend.

In gratitude and deepest appreciation,


Later that same day I received a second email message from her:

Hi Kim,

Ahh, the sweetness of relief. I felt differently immediately following the treatment and continued to feel even better when I arrived home and after a good night’s rest. Your clinic was a delight to the senses with its soothing beach colors, gentle scent of sage, and the soft music that played in the background. Everything contributed to creating a very relaxing atmosphere.

Peace and hugs,


Needless to say, it felt wonderful to know that I was able to help someone in need, and it meant a lot to me that she took the time to share her thoughts with me.

Then just this past week, I attended a fundraising event at Annapolis Wellness House, the place where I first tried my hand at painting in therapeutic art sessions during my healing journey from breast cancer.  I had donated one of my watercolor paintings, “Pink Lotus”, for the raffle drawing to be held that night.  When I arrived at the event, a woman came up to me, introduced herself as one of the Wellness House board members, and told me how much she loved my painting.  She said she put all of the raffle tickets she purchased in the bag by my painting, and that she really, really hoped her name was drawn.  She shared that she already knew where she wanted to hang it in her house, then added that it also would mean so much to her to have one of my pieces, knowing that Wellness House was the place where I started my art career.  Well, I was thrilled when her name was drawn as the winner of my painting!  And she was ecstatic!  She hugged and kissed me and was quite literally jumping for joy!  I’m sure you can imagine how awesome this made me feel.

Later that week, a friend of mine who also attends Wellness House sent me this email:

Hi Kim,

I was at Wellness House yesterday and the person picked up the painting. She was so excited and held it in her arms and hugged it, and was so excited. Loved it. She mentioned about you starting your painting career more or less here, and she was so happy about that….

Here’s a picture from the event of the happy winner standing by the painting (click on image to enlarge):



It was truly a blessing for me to have these two wonderful ladies express their appreciation of my work in the visual and healing arts.  I’m sure all of you have had similar experiences, when someone has offered you a compliment or kindness of some sort that has lifted your spirits.  But I would venture to guess that for most of us these special boosts from others aren’t an every day occurrence, nor do we expect them to be.  I know I sometimes work hard for long stretches of time, pouring my heart in to my business, painting through the night at times because I just can’t stop, offering my Reiki services to help others relax and heal, aware that I’m doing all of this because I love it, because I’m driven to do the things I love, because I’m on this amazing journey in life and I simply must to do what I’m here to do, not for the purpose of having others give me recognition.  And I keep going, striving to do my best, hoping I’m doing a good job, and offering my gifts to those who will receive them.  That is all that any of us can do.

Yet how refreshing it is when someone tells you that you’re doing great work, or that they simply appreciate you for who you are.  So to the ladies who warmed my heart with their kind and thoughtful words, I am deeply grateful.  It gave me a boost of confidence in myself and my abilities.  It also was a reminder of how important it is for me to offer this same type of acknowledgement to others.  I try to remember to share with people my appreciation for the work they do, or products they create, or for simply being kind and caring, but there’s always room for more of this.  If each of us made the effort every day to reach out to someone else with a genuine compliment or to express appreciation in some way, we would brighten that person’s day, and this would likely cause a ripple effect having a wider and wider positive impact on people.  There can never be too much positive energy in the world, so let’s all get to it and spread the love!