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Thank you for visiting Blue Wave Cottage!  Here you will learn what inspires me as an artist and lover of life.  Maybe you will find inspiration within these pages…I certainly hope so.

As an artist, I find the process of creating to be therapeutic and healing.  A work of art can also bring comfort and healing to the viewer, if they find it pleasing to look at, or if it moves them in some way.  Simply gazing upon an appealing work of art can lift a person’s spirits.  Nature gives us flowers, rainbows, brilliant birds, glorious sunsets and so much more to color our exterior world, while visual artists provide a way to enhance our homes, offices, churches, and other spaces with color, beauty, and interest.  I believe that being around lovely things, in both natural and man-made settings, helps us feel better and can bring healing to the mind, body, and spirit.  I invite you to browse through my GALLERY page where you may find something that resonates with you.

And just in case you were wondering, “Blue Wave Cottage” is what I call my cottage home and studio, located near the water in the Annapolis, Maryland area.  “Blue Wave” certainly invokes images of the beach and water, where I love to spend time.  What you may not know is that there is a variety of hydrangeas called “Blue Wave”, and blue hydrangeas are my favorite flower, so the name has a double meaning for me.  Anyway…

sending you peace and love as we travel through this colorful, mystical life together!


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